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Here's what they're saying about Woofas & Hoofas Pet Treats . . .

"I'm crazy for Hoofas treats, because my horses are! They cant get enough of these incredibly tasty, healthy horse "cookies".


When I was asked to test the treats on my horses I first asked how they were made, what was in them? etc.  

Once finding out how lovingly they were made and how good they were for my precious equines I strode over to their paddock to give  3 x Singapore champion Better Than Ever a nibble.  

The entire bag was nearly taken out of my hands and he didn't want me to leave the paddock!  He loved them!!  And so do all of my horses now.  I can't rave or speak more highly or emphatically about Hoofas by Woofas.


If you love your horses then you will LOVE giving them this wonderful tasty treat just like I do !"


Kylie Bax 

"Lester absolutely loves the treats.... he even attempted to eat the bag a couple of times haha.

Every time he sees us coming he runs up to the gate hoping we will give him some more.  
He is hooked on them so we will definitely be training him with Hoofas treats.

Keep up the great work and thanks so so much."



"The draw of that Xmas cracker was just too much for my Cairn Terrier, he picked it out from my hidden stash of treats and proceeded to run down the hall with it flapping in his mouth.
Next he spent 10 minutes shaking, ripping and tearing the paper off, it looked like he was having so much fun!. Then in one last shake the contents of the bag burst out and his clear favorite was the dried liver. 

I think that's the dogs' Christmas treat decided for this year, once I replace it of course!"